This is a post to make everyone aware of the Journalism Committee. As journalism students we are fortunate enough to have faculty around us who have taken the trouble to set up a committee dedicated to improving the course. It is composed of both staff and students from each year who each offer input such as ways in which the facilities can be improved, course content can be developed and how any problems can be solved.

I attended one the first meeting of the year and I'm happy to say the arrangement is very effective and worthwhile. I've attended committees and meetings held by some of the employers for whom I've worked which have ended up being all talk and no action, but with gentlemen like Chris Horrie and Paul Manning running the show I can promise you all that anything raised will be dealt with if at all possible. If someone has a suggestion which can't be actioned, you will at least get an honest and thorough explanation. And believe me, I've been fobbed off by enough bosses to know that bit of honesty is quite often enough to relieve your frustration.

Remember last week when the whiteboard in TAB 9 was moved so people don't have to reach over the desks to get to it? That was a suggestion from the 3rd Year students. Pretty soon there will be a cover over the isolation switch which turns all the Macs off. Plans to allow 24 hour access to TAB9 are under discussion, plus steps are being made towards a radio station to be shared between the Media and Journalism students.

There will be several meetings per year. There's a lot going on and all ideas are welcome, so please email me with and suggestions or problems. As I said, we're lucky to have the support of staff who are as interested in the course quality as the students are, so let's get excited about the opportunity to develop the it further and make use of the committee that's been organised for us.