You can't survive without The Sun, and you can't escape its gravity. It's big news, everyone's talking about it, and why not? After all, The Sun's chosen allegiance does seem to dictate the future of the Government.

But let's be honest for a moment, does The Sun's shift spell the end for Labour? Let me try to answer that by posing another question: Who, before this landmark event, thought that Labour had the remotest chance of winning the next general election? Anyone?

This is a pretty obvious case of switching teams according to whoever sits at the top of the league. Once again, The Sun will be able to claim that they were the influence; that Labour dominated for fifteen years while The Sun held their hand, but they sank as soon as they lost the support of Britain's favourite rag.

Well I have a bigger claim: Every year, I decide to support a Formula 1 driver. Every year, my chosen driver wins the championship. This has never failed! Honestly, my influence is undeniable; whichever driver gains my backing is victorious. I simply wait until the last corner of the last lap of the last race of the season before deciding who to cheer for.

I can't help wondering why The Sun waiting for so long before changing beds. They give Labour's failures as the reason for abandoning them, even including an actual poster entitled "DOSSIER OF THEIR FAILURES". Why on Earth would a paper shout about the fact that they've been supporting a spectacularly failing political party for so long? It makes them look a bit silly to me.

By the way, it might be worth mentioning that there's water on our Moon. I know; it's easy to overlook something as scientifically and historically insignificant as the discovery of life's most essential substance on the only celestial body to bear human footprints. We could even be forgiven for neglecting to spare a thought for the years of scientific research bound to result from this at a time when a newspaper has decided to change teams for a few years. In case anyone is interested, I suppose I'll sheepishly put forth the fact that this discovery has been made right when China and India are getting stuck into the whole space race thing, the glory on offer further accelerating progress in this area and giving space travel the dose of nitrogen tetroxide that it has needed for years.

Oh, and on the subject of scientific research, the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva is scheduled to be fired up again in about six weeks. If it doesn't break this time, The Sun may turn away from David Cameron and become a supporter of Higgs Boson in time for the election.