Apologies for the lack of a recent post. It does make me realise how quickly things can slip if I leave them or allow myself to become distracted by things such as Christmas and New Year.

It strikes me how easy it is to use the end of the year as an excuse not to do anything. It's a deadly combination; the temptation to say "I won't think about that now, it's Christmas", followed by "I'll start doing that properly next year." Before you know it, you've not exercised, stuck to your diet, checked your oil or posted on your blog for several weeks. It's important to realise that even if you stop moving at year-end, time doesn't.

I had a bit of a strange time over the past couple of weeks. Christmas was lovely, but I did have a moment or two that made me consider the passage of time. As my little face lit up at the sight of the generous gift of an assortment of Le Creuset cookware, I wondered if I would have been so pleased one or two years ago. I wouldn't have known what it was or how to use it (although my cooking skills today could be described as "limited" at best). But this is what happens as you become more seasoned,  and it's a Good Thing.

However, just in case I was allowing myself to age too much, I went snowboarding. There's nothing like sliding down a mountain on a sheet of wood and fibreglass to make you forget not just how old you are, but what day of the week it is.